The simulation consists of the following subjects:

• Mathematics and Physics: 8 questions.
• Chemistry: 12 questions.
• Human Anatomy and Physiology: 5 questions.
• Biology: 18 questions.
• General Knowledge: 12 questions.
• Logical Reasoning: 20 questions.

You will have 100 minutes to complete the simulation.

The maximum score consists of 90 points.
The score is thus determined:
• +1,5 points for each correct answer,
• 0 points for any non-given answer,
• - 0,4 points for each wrong answer.

In order to begin the simulation, you will have to insert a valid e-mail address and a user code of 6 letters and 6 numbers, written as follows:
• The first three letters of your name,
• The first three letters of your surname,
• Your day of birth in the DD/MM/YY format, using 0 where necessary.

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